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Change Management

Approval and Planning

Planning is essential for good change management.

Information management systems are highly sensitive to configuration changes due to the complex relationships between all the CIs involved. An apparently minor change may trigger a chain reaction with catastrophic results. At the very least, back-out plans are essential. These should allow you to get back to the last stable configuration before the change. However, this is obviously not enough.

In the first place the CAB must meet at intervals to analyse and, where appropriate, approve the pending RFCs and draw up the FSC or forward schedule of changes.

Changes must be evaluated in detail before being approved:

In the case of high impact changes the management should also be consulted as strategic issues and the organisation's general policy may come into play.

Once the change has been approved (if it is not, the process described earlier for rejected RFCs should be followed) it should be assessed whether it should be implemented in isolation or as part of a package of changes which would be formally equivalent to a single change. This has a number of advantages:

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